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Accepted contributions

Title: Touch That Taste! - Turning abstract into tangible

Contributor: Martyna Barbara Golik, Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and Design (KADK)

Contribution: written abstract + video and showcase description and aim

Title: theEATproject: The oddity and the amazingness of cultural quirks

Contributor: Leena Naqvi

Contribution: written abstract + video

Title: Childhood Food Memories - A multimodal dining event based on memories from the 1940s

Contributors: Anu Hopia, University of Turku, Functional Foods Forum, Maija Kontukoski,  University of The Arts, Finland, Heikki Uimonen, University of The Arts, Finland, Sami Silén, musician, sound designer

Contribution: written abstract + video:

Title: This Place Doesn’t Exist Anymore: Food and Memory Among Syrian Refugees

Contributor: Beth Grannis, Degree Candidate, Master of Arts in Global Communications (AUP), The American University of Paris

Contribution: written abstract + video:

Title: “A Saudade” – Food Storytelling | Creating new sensory memories

Contributors: Cláudia Viegas, Maria José Pires and Ricardo Bonacho; ESHTE (Estoril Higher Institute for Tourism and Hotel Studies), University of Lisbon (ULICES) and Faculdade de Arquitetura da Universidade de Lisboa (CIAUD)

Contribution: written abstract + video

Title: From tastebuds to taste ”bildung”

Contributor: Helle Brønnum Carlsen, PhD, MA, Associated professor, UCC Copenhagen, Chairman of “SMAGENS DAG” (The day of Taste)

Contribution: written abstract + video

Title: TASTE – NO WASTE: Taste experiments at Research day for 6th and 7th grade schoolchildren

Contributor: Anette Kamuk, Birthe Kofoed Mortensen, Charlotte Mithril, Agnete Hoffmeyer & Rikke Højer. University College Absalon; Taste for Life.

Contribution: written abstract + video

Title: Short films on senses as a tool for food professionals

Contributors: Mathias Skovmand-Larsen, Nordic Food Lab / Taste for Life, and Daniel Schefte, Bad Company.

Contribution: written abstract + video

Title: Biased flavour or just flavour?

Contributor: Martin Marchman Andersen, Technical University of Denmark

Contributionwritten abstract

Title: Tasting the Sound of Culture

Contributor: Jonathan LeRoy Biderman

Contributionwritten abstract

Title: Assessing Oenosthesia: blending wine and sound

Contributor: Jo Burzynska

Contribution: written abstract

Title: Thinking about, designing for, and experimenting with taste in digital innovation: Lickable cities

Contributors: MJ Brüggemann, Vanessa Thomas, Ding Wang, Six Silbermann, HighWire DTC, Lancaster University Management School, Scool of Computing and Communications, Lancaster University, IG METALL, Aarhus University

Contributionwritten abstract

Title: The InnoSweet Project: Maintaining acceptable sweetness perception via an integrated sensory perception-, psychological- and neuro-physiological approach to industry-driven innovation in sugar reduced-beverages

Contributors: Derek Victor Byrne (Food Quality Perception & Society, Department of Food Science, Aarhus University, Denmark), Ulla Kidmose (Food Quality Perception & Society, Department of Food Science, Aarhus University, Denmark), Line Ahm Mielby (Food Quality Perception & Society, Department of Food Science, Aarhus University, Denmark), Per Bendix Jeppesen (Department of Endocrinology, Aarhus University Hospital, Denmark), Jørgen Deigaard Jensen (Department of Food and Resource Economics, Copenhagen University, Denmark) and Charles Spence (Cross-Modal Laboratory, Oxford University, United Kingdom)

Contribution: written abstract

Title: Taste – a gastrophysical perspective

Contributors: Mathias P. Clausen, Morten Christensen, and Ole G. Mouritsen; Department of Chemical Engineering, Biotechnology and Environmental Technology, University of Southern Denmark and Department of Food Science, University of Copenhagen.

Contribution: written contribution

Title: “Catch Me If You Can” A chance to meet a special and very tasty ant species; Lasius Fuliginosus.

Contributor: Christine Fentz, Secret Hotel (performance company)

Contribution: written abstract and showcase description

Title: The Procurement of Food as a Factor in Taste

Contributor: Joan Gross, Oregon State University

Contributionwritten abstract

Title: EAT ME: Exhibition at Trapholt – Museum of Modern Art and Design, Denmark, 23 September 2017 - 21 May 2018

Contributor: Karen Grøn, Director and Curator, Trapholt, Phone: +45 5134 1295 - kg@trapholt.dk

Contribution: written abstract

Title: Re-contextualising a novel product. Based on: Initial consideration introducing tempe in Denmark. 

Contributors: Anna Loraine Hartmann and Louise Beck Brønnum, Nordic Food Lab and Department of Food Science, Faculty of Science, University of Copenhagen, DK.

Contribution: written abstract

Title: The Art Studio of the Mouth - from texture to textiles

Contributor: Marie Hugsted, Textilskolen

Contributionwritten abstract and showcase description and aim

Title: Tasting as professional practice and everyday experience

Contributors: Kristian Mortensen & Johannes Wagner, University of Southern Denmark

Contributionwritten abstract

Title: The representational and material landscape of artisan cheesemaking

Contributor: Kelsey Oldbury 

Contribution: written abstract

Title: Challenging the senses - development of taste education for children with neurodevelopmental disorders

Contributors: Anna S Olafsdottir & Sigrun Thorsteinsdottir, University of Iceland, School of Education, Faculty of Sports, Leisure Studies and Social Education. 

Contributionwritten abstract

Title: The Tastebuddies: Drawing, painting and exhibiting taste

Contributor: Leonardo Sagastuy - (aka Olaf Zhiga)

Contribution: written abstract + showcase

Title: Harvesting the potential of healthy foods - A dietetic marketing perspective

Contributor: PhD Pernilla Sandvik, Department of Food, Nutrition and Dietetics, Uppsala University

Contributionwritten abstract

Title: “Taste for Life”: An exemplary case for interdisciplinary collaboration between scientists and practitioners on taste-research and communication

Contributors: Mikael Schneider, Anette Kamuk, Karen Wistoft, Michael Bom Frøst, Annemarie Olsen, Liselotte Hedegaard, and Ole G Mouritsen. “Taste for Life”, a non-profit research and communication centre funded by Nordea-fonden, Denmark.

Contribution: written abstract

Title: Ethnography and Taste Education in Cooperation with Comté Cheese: A Cross-Cultural and Collaborative Approach to Food Pedagogy and Taste Learning

Contributors: Christy Shields-Argelès, Cultural Anthropologist, American University of Paris (AUP), Claire Perrot, Taste Educator, Le Groupuscule d’Actions Gustatives (GAG), Beth Grannis, Degree Candidate, Master of Arts in Global Communications (AUP), Samuel McKeown, Degree Candidate, Master of Arts in Global Communications (AUP)

Contributionwritten abstract

Title: The creation of flavour in water kefir and what we can learn from it

Contributor: Julia Sick, Nordic Food Lab / Taste for Life

Contribution: written abstract

Title: Food, Emotions and Memory in Polish Contemporary Art

Contributors: Agata Stronciwilk, University of Silesia, Katowice (Poland)

Contribution: written abstract

Title: Drinking textures: The influence of touching extrinsic tactile materials on wine perception

Contributor: Qian Janice Wang, University of Oxford

Contributionwritten abstract

Title: Participatory Research through (Gastronomy) Design: a method for extending play in gastronomy

Contributors: Danielle Wilde & Ferran Altarriba Bertran, University of Southern Denmark & University of California Santa Cruz

Contribution: written abstract