See the sessions from CT2021

Session 1 - THE TASTE

Professor of gastrophysics, Ole G. Mouritsen, and Founder and manager of DTU Skylab FoodLab, Roberto Flore, had a dialogue, facilitated by journalist and writer, Bee Wilson (participating virtually), evolving around the topic of "The taste". Their discussion was guided by the question: How will sustainability agendas impact the taste of food? 

Session 2 - THE TASTER

Marije Vogelzang, eating designer and artist, was the creative mediator of a dialogue between Michael Bom Frøst, sensory scientist and Professor of philosophy Barry Smith (participating virtually). The topic of session two was "The taster" and their dialogue was based on the framing question: How can individual taste preferences meet the demand for sustainability? 

Session 3 - THE TASTING

Laura Hoffman, project manager at the Danish thinktank "Frej" mediated a dialogue between the two experts Professor Cristina Tirado (participating virtually),  and Professor émérite Claude Fischler (participating virtually) in session 3 - "The tasting". The dialogue evolved around the question: How will taste practices, cultures and lifestyles develop in the context of the Anthroposcene? 


Paul Tyler, owner of Handling Ideas, mediated and steered all speakers, mediators, and participants at Creative Tastebuds 2021 through the fourth session of the symposium - "The creative taste". By the help of a table filled with lego, Paul brilliantly helped facilitate a dialogue where ideas, problems, and solutions presented at the two days of the symposium was mapped out and made visible, prompting a dialogue on the overall theme of CT2021: How do we eat for both pleasure and planet?