Reexperience CT2017

These pages constitute the afterlife of the symposium, Creative Tastebuds, held at Aarhus Teater 4-5 September 2017.

Here you can see the inspiring sessionsread some of the literature behind the ideas presented, and experience the multifarious contributions from the event.

Susanne Højlund will host the continuing dialogue online - we encourage you to take part

Creative Tastebuds was a unique event uncovering how our sense of taste affects our lives. Eight top researchers of taste together with four savvies of architecture, gastronomy, writing and design - and an active and knowledgeable audience – took on rethinking how we use and experience taste.

Introduction and welcome by Susanne Højlund, Mikael Schneider and Juliana Engberg 
- It started with a crisp...