Reexperience CT2021

These pages constitute the afterlife of the symposium, Creative Tastebuds, held at Maltfabrikken, Ebeltoft, Denmark 16-17th August 2021. 

Here you can see the inspiring sessions, read some of the literature behind the ideas​​​​​​​ presented, and experience the multifarious contributions from the event.

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Creative Tastebuds 2021 was a unique event uncovering how we eat for both pleasure and planet. Six researchers with different perspetives on food and taste together with three savvies of design, journalism, and politics - and an active and knowledgeable audience – took on rethinking how we can change the planet through taste. Paul Tyler from Handling Ideas mediated the fourth session where both experts, moderators, and audience came together around a table of figures and Lego bricks to discuss future solutions. 

Introduction and welcome by Eva Rymann, Marie Damsbo-Svendsen and Susanne Højlund
- This is a tastebud.. and this is our hope.