Accepted abstract - Creative Tastebuds Symposium

EAT ME: Exhibition at Trapholt – Museum of Modern Art and Design, Denmark, 23 September 2017 - 21 May 2018 

By Karen Grøn, Director and Curator, Trapholt, Phone: +45 5134 1295 - 

Trapholt, Museum of Modern Art and Design introduces EAT ME - an exhibition about how we understand ourselves and the world through food. Food is the super metaphor of our time. Using food, we can comment on practically anything: social problems, cultural habits, our identities, our understanding of nature, setting boundaries, our sensibilities and our visions of the future. The exhibition EAT ME introduces more than 60 artists and designers.

The "sense table" at Creative Tastebuds

Central to the exhibition EAT ME at Trapholt is a large ‘sense table’. At the table, those visiting Trapholt can experience the exhibition in a direct way, on their own bodies. What is taste? How do the surroundings affect our taste experiences? What will be the food of the future? There will also be introduction to the exhibition through film and possibility to look at and order the extensive catalogue with articles by


  • Karen Grøn, Museumdirector at Trapholt and curator of EAT ME
  • Marije Vogelzang, designer and director of the Dutch Institute for Food & Design, who has been instrumental in creating the new field of ‘Eating design’;
  • Professor Barry C. Smith of the University of London, director of the Center for the Study of the Senses and a renowned expert on the complex nature of taste;
  • Associate Professor Karen Klitgaard Povlsen of Aarhus University, head of the Center for Food Culture Studies (FOCUS) and researcher on food and media;
  • Senior Researcher Eva de la Fuente Pedersen, Inspector at the National Gallery of Denmark and an expert on classic Dutch still life and worldview

EAT ME is sponsored by A.P. Møller Fonden and Augustinus Fonden.