Interdisciplinary & innovative symposiums on topics of taste

What is Creative Tastebuds?

Creative Tastebuds is a platform for interdisciplinary dialogue, practice and research on taste. We do interdisciplinary dialogues on taste involving researchers from as well science as the humanities, plus chefs, artists, and other practitioners of taste. 

We think that it is important to continuously develop our understandings of taste, in order to meet societal challenges related to food and eating.

We consider artists, designers, researchers, industry reps and chefs as ideal collaborators for this purpose – all being engaged in creating new knowledge and practice from different perspectives.

We believe that the atmosphere and formats of meetings, symposia and conferences are crucialfor the exchange of knowledge.

The first Creative Tastebuds symposium was held at Aarhus Theater in Aarhus, 2017. The second edition took place at Maltfarbikken in Ebeltoft, 2021. Here on our webpage, you can browse the legacy of both symposiums. Click the buttons below to (re)experience it all, and please keep en eye out for news from the CT organizing team on our SoMe channels. 

Photo: by Julia Sick. Symposium dinner setting at CT2021, by Jakob Vinkler and Institute of Meals