The taste of a sustainable future
May 3-4, 2021

We are still here, planning a spectacular blended symposium..

To friends, colleagues, participants, and stakeholders of Creative Tastebuds

We are sure that everyone has struggled with the challenges that 2020 has put before us, but we are happy to inform you that despite these challenges, the wheels in the Creative Tastebuds engine room have not stopped turning.

We are almost ready to present an improved blended symposium format that can meet the challenges of hosting a large international symposium in 2021. More info will follow ultimo January so please hang tight and be patient with us.

In the meantime please check out the International Journal of Food Design's soon to be published volume 5.1 with the contributions by the friends and contributors of Creative Tastebuds.

Keep an eye out for further info on the new blended format, new registration deadline, and much more on our usual SoMe channels and this website.

From the organizing team of Creative Tastebuds, we wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year ✨

Art, science, innovation and gastronomy meet in an interdisciplinary symposium

In a time of climate crisis and increasing global inequality afflicted by hunger and obesity, we are urged to downsize individual pleasures for the sake of our common future on earth.

How can we use our sense of taste to make new and better choices? And can we rely on taste to guide us well?

Read more about the concept for CT2021

"A triumph! A totally RETHINK project. Stimulating, thought provoking and subject enlarging. I hope Tastebuds might convert to an annual conference in which we see all matters of food taste, from science to aesthetics, and in between, on the menu and generating in the next generation of makers, thinkers and researchers, the desire to go deeper into food knowledge to improve our relationship to healthy, sustainable and good eating."

Juliana Engberg, programme director, European Capital of Culture Aarhus 2017