Touch That Taste!

By Martyna Barbara Golik, Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and Design (KADK)

Video made by Andreas Omvik, food for it based on the analysis of my experiments by Karlos Ponte and Louis Moreno from Taller restaurant in Copenhagen and produced by Martyna Barbara Golik.

Pictures and video credits: Andreas Omvik (

© Martyna Barbara Golik 2017

Touch That Taste! is an attempt to translate smell and taste of food into touch and vision to create an experimental collection of textile objects.

The idea was to design a collection of five textile objects where each of them is a translation of one taste: umami, sweet, salty, bitter and sour. 
For collecting data, synesthesia-inspired experiment was conducted on a group of ten people where each person had to eat and smell representatives of five tastes and try to translate these experiences into vision and touch. The information collected in the experiment was used to choose materials and techniques and from that to create the final collection.

The collection consists of Rug for umami, Pouf for sweet, Blanket for sour, Room divider for salty and Shoes for bitter.

The Touch That Taste! collection shows how experience with food can be translated into a functional collection with a focus on experiencing the objects through the user’s senses.