Be part of the dialogue CT2021

At Creative Tastebuds 2021, physically and virtually attending participants were interconnected in dialogue through our twitter page. Online hosts Marie Damsbo-Svendsen and Eva Rymann moderated the connection between the physical room at Maltfabrikken and the virtual broadcast of the entire symposium, connected to the participants at home in their own spaces. Here you can read the twitter posts from the live symposium and re-experience some of the live dialogue the symposium spurred. We encourage you to keep thinking, keep developing and keep joining the conversation - the topic of how to eat for both pleasure and planet is not limited to the two days of the symposium in its relevance!

Tag @creatastebuds and keep the dialogue alive, and follow Creative Tastebuds on social media for related posts, news, etc. 

As Susanne our initiator says: "There is not one solution to this problem and no one person will find the solution alone"