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Session 1 - Molecules and Memory

Professor of experimental psychology, Charles Spence, and professor of anthropology, David Sutton had a dialogue, facilitated by eating designer, Marije Vogelzang, evolving around the question:

How does the brain and culture work together to create the huge impact taste has on memory, and the other way around?



Session 3 - Landscapes and Learning

Architect, Lone Wiggers, was the creative mediator of a dialogue between the two experts professor of psychology, Paul Rozin, and associate professor of anthropology, Amy Trubek. The dialogue evolved around the question: how do we learn to taste? Here with a focus on how our environment can affect how things taste and the reflection - can we design spaces towards a better taste? 

Session 2 - Nerves and Narratives

Food journalist and author, Mark Schatzker was the creative mediator of a dialogue between professor of anthropology, David Howes, and professor of neuroscience, Gordon Shepherd. The topic for discussion was storytelling and how our brains are affected by the stories around taste, how we produce cultural narratives on taste and how taste and nutrition is connected. 



Session 4 - Substance and Sociality

Head Chef, Thorsten Schmidt was the creative mediator of this dialogue between professor of gastrophysics and culinary food innovation, Ole G. Mouritsen, and professor emerita of anthropology, Carole Counihan. Our two experts discussed what are the ingredients for the perfect shared experience? And does it change the way about which we taste food? Another interesting question that was discussed was: what happens to sociality when taste experiences are more individualized?