Session 1 - THE TASTE

How will the sustainability agenda impact the taste of food? This question was the central question of session 1, with the topic "The taste". The question relates to the following reflections: Which way to go if we have to develop the taste of food? Are there other ways to understand the tension between the innovative and the classical kitchen? Which role does sustainability play for our ability to create well tasting food?

To facilitate the dialogue on the subject, we invited journalist and writer Bee Wilson (participating virtually) to mediate a discussion between Ole G. Mouritsen and manager of DTU Skylad FoodLab, Roberto Flore. 

In the video, you can watch session 1, full lenght. Enjoy!

Roberto Flore

Roberto has a background study in Agriculture specialized in forest and protected marine ecosystems. Roberto has carved out an interesting niche for himself in the field of innovation. Since 2014 Roberto has been living in Denmark, working inside and outside of the university environment. SDG champion, he has worked side-by-side with scientists, entrepreneurs and thought leaders to further the application of food-related innovation in a real-world context and to encourage hands-on learning. In 2018 he founded and manage the DTU Skylab FoodLab.

With his new interdisciplinary FoodLab, Roberto builds bridges between disciplines using food as a vehicle to address grand global challenges and support non-food related fields with inspirational ideas for projects, business ideas and paradigm shifts. A constant openness towards learning from others and expanding his network has led Roberto to push the limits of food science technology and human connections.

He is the former head of R&D of the Nordic Food Lab, open source laboratory founded by Rene Redzepi of restaurant Noma. In 2017, Rolling Stone Magazine cited Roberto as one of 25 innovators who are changing the world. ICON Magazine has identified Roberto one of the top seven creative Italian talents to watch.

Roberto has been invited as guest lecturer to institutions such as the European Parliament and WHO Regional Office for Europe, Harvard University, MIT, University of Gastronomic Sciences, Basque Culinary Centre, Örebro University, Paul Bocuse Institute, and Donghua University.
He is the Chair of the Executive board of the Berkeley Open Source Food Lab, and member of the innovation, research and SMEs working group for ONE THIRD, the Danish Ministry ́s of Environment and Food think tank on the prevention of food loss and food waste.

Roberto is one of the protagonists of the documentary film BUGS, co-author of Phaidon’s book “On eating insects” (awarded one of the 10 best cookbooks in 2017 from the Guardian), and co- editor of the book “Edible insects in a sustainable food system published by Springer Nature

Bee Wilson

Bee Wilson is a British food writer, journalist and historian and the author of five books on food-related subjects. Wilson has been the food critic of the New Statesman magazine, where she wrote about subjects such as school meals from 1998 - 2003. After this, Wilson wrote the "Kitchen Thinker" column in the Sunday Telegraph's "Stella" magazine for twelve years. For this column, she was named the Guild of Food Writers food journalist of the year in 2004, 2008 and 2009. Wilson has written book reviews and other articles for The GuardianThe Sunday Times and The Times Literary Supplement. She has written blogs for The New Yorker on ideas about the recipe. As of latest, Wilson published the book: The Way We Wat Now. Strategies for eating in a world of change in 2019.

Ole G. Mouritsen

Professor of gastrophysics and food innovation at the Department of Food Science, University of Copenhagen, and director of Taste for Life. He is interested in the science behind food, taste, and cooking and is currently working on projects involving the gastrophysics of foods from seaweeds, cephalopods, and vegetables with a keen eye to sustainable and healthy eating