Contributions at Creative Tastebuds 2021

List of accepted contributions

"Corona food habits"

Contributors: Concept and styling by Brini Fetz & Lisa Langmantel & photography by Angela Lamprecht

hej studio & studio Lisa Langmantel (presented at CT2021 by Lærke Marie Knudsen) 

Abstract: Innovation showcase

"The sound of meals - new food habits"

Contributors: Simon Milwertz Phillipsen

Simon Kogeskole

Abstract: Innovation showcase

"Working for Pleasure: Three Cultivations of Meaning and Taste on American Farms"

Contributors: Dr. Caitlin B. Morgan & Dr. Katy Overstreet, 

University of Vermont & Aarhus University

Abstract: Opinion paper

"In the house of Martha and Mary"

Contributors: Phyllis Wong,

studio pw/, The Netherlands

Abstract: Innovation showcase

"Autodineur: A Guide for a playful and reflective eating experience"

Contributors: Stephanie Marsden & Harry Josephine Giles. 

Independent designer & researcher, food/play/food, Scotland

Abstract: Innovation showcase

"From food waste to food happiness – meaningful and impactful sustainable initiatives in everyday life"

Contributors: Johanne Birn & Jane Dyrhauge Thomsen

Consultant firms Johanne Birn, Denmark & Jane Dyrhauge, Denmark 

Abstract: Innovation showcase

"Savouring soundscapes: Towards a sustainable coffee culture"

Contributors: Signe Mathiesen

Department of Food Science, Aarhus University, Denmark

Abstract: Innovation showcase

"Burger-ness and power"

Contributors: Bee Farrell, & M. Fischer

University of Kent, England

Abstract: Opinion paper

"Broaden your taste for the future"

Contributors: Linda Hofman & Danielle Naafs

Fontys Academy for Creative Industries, Trend research and concept creation in Lifestyle, Tilburg The Netherlands

Abstract: Innovation showcase

"The shared process of culturing eco tastebuds"

Contributors: Bee Farrell

University of Kent, England

Abstract: Innovation showcase

"MEUH (moo)"

Contributors: Gwénaëlle Plédran

Agroparistech, University of Paris 8, France

Abstract: Video abstract

"Consumer perception and expectations of organic versus conventional wine: Two case studies"

Contributors: Qian Janice Wang

Aarhus University, Denmark

Abstract: Innovation showcase and research paper

"Teaching taste and design - A trend in Danish food education"

Contributors: Jacob Højgaard Christensen and Karen Wistoft

Danish School of Education, Aarhus University, Denmark

Abstract: Video abstract

"Taste negotiation through technology: Consumer’s taste expectations on edible insects"

Contributors: Jenny Berkholz, Margarita Esau & Gunnar Stevens

University of Siegen, Germany

Abstract: Opinion paper

"Legumes in a sustainable healthy diet: (How) to be or not to be, that is the question"

Contributors: Daniel Borch Ibsen, Lisbeth Mogensen, Milena Corredig, Christina Catherine Dahm 

Aarhus University

Abstract: Opinion paper

"A Design thinking approach to Artic Gastronomy"

Contributors: Julia C. Carrillo Ocampo, Annica Långvall, Joachim Sundqvist, Carita Bengs

Umeå University

Abstract: Video abstract

"Acoustic design strengthening local food culture and cultural heritage"

Contributors: Silén Sami, Hopia Anu, Uimonen Heikki & Kontukoski Maija

University of Turku, Finland

Abstract: Opinion paper & Video abstract

"Betray the family, Save the planet"

Contributors: Leena Samin Naqvi

the EAT project, Umeå Northern Sweden

Abstract: Opinion paper

"Literature Is Food: Recovering a Lost Conceptual Metaphor"

Contributors: Christopher M. Kuipers & Loren Stephenson

Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Indiana, PA, USA

Abstract: Opinion paper

"Taste and sustainability. Why this combination?"

Contributors: Susanne Højlund

Department of Anthropology, Aarhus University, Denmark

Abstract: Opinion paper

"Sustainability, health and consumer insights for plant-based food innovation"

Contributors: Federico J.A. Perez-Cueto

Department of Food Science, Section for Design and Consumer Behaviour - Future Consumer Lab, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Abstract: Opinion paper

"Design for Emotional Eating: food affordances, disordered eating, and healing"

Contributors: Silvia Neretti

Arizona State University

Abstract: Research paper

"Gathering at the table - taste education for children with neurodevelopmental disorders and their families"

Contributors: Anna S. Olafsdottir (Co-author Sigrun Thorsteinsdottir)

School of Education, Faculty of Health Promotion, Sport and Leisure Studies, University of Iceland

Abstract: Opinion paper

"Rethinking food well-being through the lens of epicurean philosophy and consumer research"

Contributors: Liselotte Hedegaard & Valérie Hémar-Nicolas

University College Lillebaelt, Denmark & Université Paris-Saclay, France

Abstract: Opinion paper

"Managing culinary adversity with food literacy: Children’s encounter with whole fish and bitter greens"

Contributors: Hart N. Feuer

Kyoto University, Japan

Abstract: Research paper

"The Role of Emotions in Children's Food Preferences"

Contributors: Julia Sick

Department of Agriculture, Food, Environment and Forestry (DAGRI), University of Florence, Italy

Abstract: Opinion paper

"Children as food designers – the potential of co-creation to make the healthy choice the preferred one"

Contributors: Martina Galler

Nofima Ås, Department of Innovation, Sensory and Consumer Science, Norway

Abstract: Opinion paper

"Silence of the Tastes"

Contributors: Zsofia Anna Toth


Abstract: Opinion paper

"Are we ready for sustainable cookery? Comparing current (and future) cooking and time use practices in UK, US and Australia"

Contributors: Christian Reynolds

University of Sheffield, England

Abstract: Research paper

"Playful Design and children’s (dis)liking of plant-based vegetable food product"

Contributors: SunMin May Hwang

University of Minnesota, USA

Abstract: Research paper 

"Speculative Gastronomy: a new approach to design pedagogy"

Contributors: Danielle Wilde

University of Southern Denmark

Abstract: Research paper

"Travelling Sustainably With Your Taste Bud as Guide. Examples of Sustainable Food Tourism in the Nordic region"

Contributors: Jonatan Leer

University College Absalon, Denmark

Abstract: Research paper

"Fermentation Design as Social Design"

Contributors: Keisuke Takayasu

Graduate School of Letters, Osaka University, Japan

Abstract: Research paper

"A taste for nature in an Inuit perspective"

Contributors: Aviaja Lyberth Hauptmann

Ilisimatusarfik, University of Greenland & The Greenland Institute of Natural Resources

Abstract: Opinion paper

"School food, taste and sustainability: The case of Brigaid"

Contributors: Rachel Black

Connecticut College

Abstract: Opinion paper

"To Meat or not to Meat - Is the Taste of Sustainability Black and White?"

Contributors: Louise Beck Brønnum, Asmus Gamdrup Jensen, Peter Nøhr Christensen, Taryn Cullen Humphrey, & Charlotte Vinther Schmidt

Department of Food Science, University of Copenhagen, Denmark, Kost KBH, Denmark, & Shiso Studio, Denmark

Abstract: Opinion paper