Accepted abstract - Creative Tastebuds Symposium 2021

From food waste to food happiness - meaningful and impactful sustainable initiatives in everyday life

Innovation showcase

By Johanne Birn, independent consultant and owner of Johanne Birn; Jane Dyrhauge Thomsen, independent consultant and owner of Jane Dyrhauge Thomsen; Denmark.

The idea with this showcase is to create a space in which the participants will have the opportunity to experiment with developing small but meaningful and impactful sustainable actions in everyday life at their workplaces. The showcase focuses specifically on how the participants can use their backgrounds as food professionals to inspire others.

The showcase will facilitate dialogue between and with the participants. We are interested in helping the participants to initiate actions to make meaningful changes in their everyday life through actions in their working life as food professionals. We do this by focusing on the participants’ needs, experiences and sustainable living. Furthermore, we do this by focusing on tasteful and delicious food and using all the positive functions food has.

The activities at the showcase will be a mix of tools and exercises that helps the participants identifying and developing meaningful and impactful actions fitted to their specific everyday life. Furthermore, the authors will present knowledge about psychology, food waste, factful communication and sustainability in a way that enables the participants to co-create meaningful and impactful actions in their lives/working lives. The activities shifts every 15 minute.

Activities as well as presentations are based on the authors’ former experiences with co-creation processes and work across the food value chain, building on the needs from the participants’ everyday lives. The authors will also share their knowledge about food waste based on their work with largescale kitchens focusing on developing initiatives to reduce food waste. Furthermore, the showcase will demonstrate co-creation tools and techniques.