Press release


Re-creating Taste – Live

Is it possible to build houses that make food taste better? Is taste the good, the bad or the ugly in our storytelling about food? How can taste connect us to the past? How do we share the taste experiences of a meal? And how do brain and culture collaborate on taste?

An architect, a chef, an author and an artist will challenge prominent taste researchers from both the sciences and the humanities – and also the audience – when they live at stage create new understandings and imaginations of what taste means for our everyday lives: for learning, sociality, storytelling and memory.

The event is in English, and will be relevant for all the different professionals and private persons that work to bring taste out to the people: chefs, food writers, food producers, teachers, architects, researchers, restaurateurs, politicians, artists, food project managers, foodies and many others.

The price is 2500 Dkr/340 Euro and includes participation, food and coffee both days. By registration you are also invited to a dinner at Centralværkstedet 4.9. evening.

As a participant you are invited to present your approach to taste with a text or a video. See the webpage: