Accepted abstract - Creative Tastebuds Symposium 2020


Fermentation Design as Social Design

Research paper

By Keisuke Takayasu, Osaka University, Japan


This paper will explore the potential of fermentation design as social design. The term “fermentation design” expresses special concern in food design. The scope is not limited to the biological processing but covers food system from agriculture to table. Far beyond the claim for the healthy food in the commercial advertisement, fermentation design can be social design in three ways. First, the fermentative processing promotes the production in accordance with natural conditions and activates local food industry. Second, fermented foods provide rich varieties of tastes that can tell cultural histories and show alternative ways of eating to contemporary food consumption. Third, the revitalization of the fermentation culture enriches local food culture which makes social ties in the local community. These three points will be demonstrated by ongoing works of “fermentation designers” in Japan.