Creative Tastebuds lunch at Café Hack


Day 1 (locally, Aarhus and vicinity)

  • Smoked cod, salted rye, tarragon ”mash”, sorrel and herbal mayo
  • Smoked mackerel, dried tomato, smoked cheese cream and Jerusalem artichoke chips
  • Bacon/ ramson sausage from Mrs. Møller’s mill, ketchup, mustard, deep-fried onions and pickled gerkins    
  • Veal from Mrs. Møller's mill, sauce tartare, hazelnuts and crispy potatoes
  • "Gammel knas" (matured havarti) from Arla Unika, hip marmalade and onion chips
  • Red berry pudding, cream, nut caramel and lemon verbena


Day 2 (Classic Danish open faced sandwiches with a twist) 

  • ”Æg og rejemad”, grilled giant shrimp, quail egg, lemon confit, tomato mayo and cress
  • ”Sol over gudhjem”, smoked herring, dehydrated egg yolk, radish crudités and chive mayo
  • ”Dyrlægens natmad”, smoked haunch of venison, chicken liver parfait, jelly and pickled onions
  • "Gourmandesskal" with chicken salad and herbs
  • Sirius from Arla Unika (dehydrated washed-rind, white and blue cheese), gooseberry compote and grainy bread    
  • Lemon mousse, rosemary crumble, caramel candy and melissa