Creative Tastebuds

Exploring How Brain and Culture Collaborate on Taste

4-5 September, Aarhus Teater, Aarhus, Denmark

Photo: Scott Wright of Limelight Studio - with thanks to Ultraviolet by Paul Pairet, Shanghai

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What are the connections between culture and brain when it comes to taste?

The natural sciences and humanities tend to work in disparate spheres to understand how we come to like certain foods and dislike others. We believe the time has come to work in a more cross-disciplinary fashion and develop a new understanding of taste.

The symposium will present viewpoints from leading individuals from both the arts and the sciences. Performers from the creative sector will explore and challenge these viewpoints by engaging in a dialogue with scholars as well as orchestrating experiments with the audience.

We invite scholars, chefs, food innovators, educators, designers, politicians, professionals from the cultural sector, researchers, food writers, food journalists and other food enthusiasts:

Join us for a two-day symposium at Aarhus Teater with Paul Tyler as the overall mediator.

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Deadline July 1, 2017

Call for contributions

Deadline July 1, 2017


Day 1__________

Morning session: Molecules and Memory - From sensing taste to remembrance of food

Afternoon session: Nerves and Narratives - Taste and story telling

  • From the sciences: Gordon Shepherd: Neurogastronomy
  • From the humanities: David Howes: Culture, senses and society
  • Creative mediator: Food journalist Mark Schatzker: How we tell stories about taste and nutrition

Conference dinner at Centralværkstedet

  • Eating with our senses

Day 2__________

Morning session: Cognition and Cooking - How do we learn to taste?

  • From the sciences: John Prescott: Learning to think taste
  • From the humanities: Food historian Bee Wilson, author of First Bite: Living with taste through life
  • Creative mediator: Architect from CF Møller Lone Wiggers: Building taste

Afternoon session: Substance and Sociality - The magic of sharing taste