Creative Tastebuds

Exploring how brain and culture collaborate on taste

Photo: Scott Wright of Limelight Studio - with thanks to Ultraviolet by Paul Pairet, Shanghai

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The recreation of taste – live

The natural sciences, the humanities, the food industry as well as the gastronomical world tend to work in disparate spheres when it comes to understanding how we come to like certain tastes and dislike others.

There is so much potential in taste to be unfolded. We believe the time has come to work in a cross-disciplinary manner - and develop a new understanding of taste.

We have invited a renowned architect, a famous performer, a brilliant food writer and a star chef to the stage. We give them each two of the world's best researchers on taste, one from the natural sciences, one from the humanities. We ask them to rethink TASTE during four thematic sessions on memory, learning, storytelling, and sharing.

We add a highly competent audience, exciting tastings and excellent food.

In conclusion: All curious taste lovers meet in the beautiful Aarhus Theater 4-5th of September, 2017.

We hope to see you!


During the two days we serve:


Molecules and Memory: from sensing taste to remembrance of food

Nerves and Narratives: taste and story telling

Landscape and Learning: building taste into houses and minds

Substance and Sociality: the magic of sharing taste

INNOVATIVE SHOWCASES AND SOAP BOX DIALOGUES with contributions from the audience

TASTY LUNCHES from Café Hack (see menu)

A SPECTACULAR DINNER at The Secret Restaurant

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