Programme Creative Tastebuds 2021

Monday 16th of August (10.00 am – 22.00 pm)

Arrival and registration at Malt Fabrikken

Welcome and opening

Session 1: “The Taste”, with Bee Wilson (confirmed), Ole G. Mouritsen (confirmed) & Roberto Flore (confirmed)

How will sustainability agendas impact the taste of food?

Lunch: by Institute of Meals

Innovation showcases and Soap box Dialogues

Session 2: “The Taster”, with Marije Vogelzang (confirmed), David Evans (confirmed) & Michael Bom Frøst (confirmed)

How can individual taste preferences meet the demand for sustainability?

Dinner: Spectacular dinner curated by Institute of Meals


Venue & Transport: Maltfabrikken, Maltvej 4-12, 8400 Ebeltoft. Transportation to Maltfabrikken is at participants’ own expense, but the organizing group will assist participants to make it as easy as possible – more info on this later.

Tuesday 17th of August (10.00 am – 16.30 pm)

Arrival at Maltfabrikken

Introduction for day 2

Session 3: “The tasting”, with Laura Hoffmann (confirmed), Claude Fischler and Cristina Tirado (confirmed)

How will taste practices, cultures and lifestyles develop in the context of the anthroposcene?

Lunch: by Institute of meals

Innovation showcases and soapbox dialogues

Session 4: “The Creative Taste”, with Paul Tyler (confirmed) and all presenters

Handling ideas of taste and sustainability

Reception and goodbye