Programme for Creative Tastebuds 2020

Monday 11th of May (10.30 am – 22.00 pm)

Arrival and registration at Moesgaard Museum

Welcome and opening

Session 1: “The Taste”, with Bee Wilson, Ole G. Mouritsen & Roberto Flores

How will sustainability agendas impact the taste of food?

Lunch: by Institute of Meals

Showcases and Soap box Dialogues

Session 2: “The Taster”, with Marije Vogelzang, David Evans & Michael Bom Frøst

How can individual taste preferences meet the demand for sustainability?

Dinner: Spectacular dinner curated by Institute of Meals


Venue & Transport: Moesgaard Museum, Moesgaard Allé 15, 8270 Højbjerg.Transportation between Aarhus City and Moesgaard Museum is at participants’ own expense, but the organizing group will assist participants to make it as easy as possible – more info on this later. Transportation Monday after dinner from Moesgaard Museum to Aarhus City will be arranged by the organizing group.

Tuesday 12th of May (10.00 am – 16.30 pm)

Arrival at Moesgaard Museum

Introduction for day 2

Session 3: “The tasting”, with Iben Rasmussen, Christina Tirado and Claude Fischler

How will taste practices, cultures and lifestyles develop in the context of the anthroposcene?

Lunch: by Institute of meals

Showcases and soapbox dialogues

Session 4: “The Creative Taste”, with Paul Tyler and all presenters

Handling ideas of taste and sustainability

Reception and goodbye