Accepted abstract - Creative Tastebuds Symposium 2020

Innovation for circularity in practice - Tvedemose Food 

Innovation showcase

By Astrid Beim1, Simon Lynge Svendsen2, Jens Christian Hansen2, Kirsten Hansen2, Karsten Olsen1 & Michael Bom Frøst1; 1Department of Food Science, University of Copenhagen, 2Tvedemose Food Aps; Denmark.


The societal demand and global need for sustainable foods is rapidly growing. Yet, for a small business the transformation towards sustainable food production may appear intangible. The innovation showcase will give examples of how Tvedemose Food has used taste to transform their business towards higher circularity and sustainability.

Tvedemose is a family owned and operated company that has produced high quality mushrooms for three generations. Today Tvedemose is the biggest mushroom producer in Denmark and is known for high quality and organic production of both champignon mushrooms and specialty mushrooms. Sustainability has always been an integral part in Tvedemose’s production and over the years, the owners have invested in various projects including innovations and product development to optimize the utilization of the entire production. The ambition to develop into a business with the highest level of circularity has resulted in the acquisition of several fruit orchards with an accompanying chicken farm. As a result, chicken manure can be used in the substrate that mushrooms require to grow. After the mushrooms are harvested, the leftover growth substrate is recirculated to the orchard as an excellent fertilizer and thus nutrients and carbon are kept in a loop for production.

In addition, Tvedemose has recently invested in a large drying machine, which transforms fresh mushrooms and fruit from the orchards that may not meet retail requirements, into new, delicious and valuable dried products with much longer shelf lives than fresh produce. In the past years Tvedemose has been partner in innovation projects through Greater Copenhagen Food Innovation (CPH-Food) with Department of Food Science at University of Copenhagen. The purpose of CPH-Food is to increase the degree of innovation and develop concrete solutions in food SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises). It is supported by EU and the region and has led to important innovations in the company.

Tvedemose’s product development projects have developed around creating new ways of using mushrooms in a variety of products and dishes. Mushrooms are known as a rich source of several umami substances that both contribute to flavor profiles and enhance other flavors and for example allow salt reduction in a savory dish. Furthermore, drying of mushrooms creates enhanced flavors and a unique and different texture. This textural quality has also inspired novel mushroom-based products, and some of the resulting products will be on the market soon.