Call for contributions

We call upon contributions in the form of abstracts, papers or short videos as outlined below. Due to the nature of Creative Tastebuds, we envision a collection of unusual, unique, and pioneering ‘symposium proceedings’.

Contributions can be channeled into four categories.

1. Research papers (subject to usual peer review)

Within the topics that are usually covered by Int. J. Food Design. The papers will be presented at the symposium in one of the selected formats of the symposium, and can be extended to a full research paper, with empirical data generation, collection or a substantial analytical content of topics related to what the journal usually covers.

2. Opinion papers, Commentary papers, Discussion papers, Extended abstracts (refereed and approved by the guest editors)

These papers have a limit of 1000-3000 words in the text body (i.e., excluded title, author(s)’ information, abstract, figures and table texts, acknowledgement and references). The number of references is limited to about 25. Dependent on their nature, the contributions may contain own data generation/collection, analysis or opinions, rooted in the topics of the journal.

3. Short video abstract (viewed by and approved by the guest editors and a subgroup of the organizers)

The short video abstracts will be reviewed for clarity of thought, analysis and ability to present the short speech. It can fall within the topics of the journal, including the areas that the journal connects to (Culinary Arts, Hospitality, Food Science, Food Culture, Food Marketing, Eating Behavior and any other food discipline, with aspects from Design Theory, Design Education, Industrial Design, Design History, and any other Design discipline). Videos should be no longer than 3 minutes and should be supported by a written abstract. Video files must be in widescreen format (16:9), have a minimum resolution of 720p (1280x720) and be in one of the following formats: mpeg4, .mov, .mp4. If the video contains speech, it is recommended to add subtitles (in English).

4. Other: Non-publishable contributions to be presented digitally and/or at the event, e.g. art, crafts, performances, or live presentations/experiments (viewed and approved by a subgroup of the organizers)

Deadline for submission of abstracts in all four categories: July 1, 2017. All abstracts should be submitted through the contribution submission form on this page. Authors will be informed about acceptance on August 1, 2017. All accepted abstracts and video abstracts will be published as soon as possible hereafter at digital medias related to Creative Tastebuds.

Deadline for submission of final contributions for publication in Int. J. Food Design: October 1, 2017. Publication is expected to be before March 2018.

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